Appliances are banned from landfill disposal in Vermont. (Air Conditioning Units, Dehumidifiers, Ice Makers, Dehumidifiers Freezers, Refrigerators, Ranges, Dishwashers, Ranges, Stoves, Washing Machines, Clothes Dryers, Microwaves, and Water Heaters) What to do with your appliance?

1.   Several of the SWAC towns accept appliances at either town transfer stations or special events throughout the year.  Fees may apply.  Contact your town office for information specific to your town.

2.  Scrap metal dealers may accept appliances.

3.  Hubbard Brothers  accepts appliances – freon and non-freon containing.  Fees may apply.

4.  Rutland County Solid Waste District – freon and non-freon containing.  A permit fee as well as additional disposal fees may apply.

5.  Efficiency Vermont’s Second Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling Program offers free pick-up and removal of old, energy-wasting refrigerators and freezers, a $50 rebate, electric bill savings, and state-of-the-art appliance disposal and recycling.


  • Middletown Springs accepts appliances only on “Big Dump Days”.  These occur each year on the second Saturday of May and first Saturday in October.
  • Refrigerators, air conditioning units, ice makers, and humidifiers may contain freon.  There may be an additional fee associated with removing freon from the appliances.
  • There may also be a fee for disposal of other appliances such as washing machines, dryers, furnaces, stoves, microwaves, hot water heaters, and dishwashers.