BAN ON SALE OF MERCURY BULBS:  Retailers that sell fluorescent bulbs will no longer be able to sell screw-based CFLs after February 17, 2023 and 4 foot general purpose fluorescent tubes after January 1, 2024.
  • It is extremely important that these bulbs (and other hazardous products) are disposed of properly. Visit Vermont’s Mercury Reduction Campaign website ( and the Agency of Natural Resources webpage  contains additional information on fluorescent and mercury added bulbs.

Find a location to drop off fluorescent bulbs near you here

  • Assistance from  Efficiency VT: “If you have fluorescent lighting products in your home or business, Efficiency Vermont is currently offering a variety of rebates on LEDs to replace them. To learn more about Efficiency Vermont’s lighting offers, visit: For businesses, check out for a more detailed list of how Efficiency Vermont can support your lighting projects. For questions or inquiries about all of Efficiency Vermont’s lighting programs, contact Colin Santee – Lighting Program Manager at

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