Composting Guides to Get You Started

Compost is simply organic material that has rotted to the point where plants can use the nutrients. Home composting is a way to manage this process so that it is faster and more convenient.

Composting can be done with almost no effort. Composting is just collecting kitchen scraps and leaves and putting them in a pile or bin. Just add equal amounts of kitchen waste and leaves from the autumn leaf drop and… compost happens!

It improves the structure and fertility of garden soil, adds nutrients and helps to prevent plant diseases. Returns nutrients to the soil such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron and boron.

Beginner’s Guide

The complete guide to getting started with composting. From where to build or set up your composter, to what is ok to add and what to avoid.

Backyard Composting Guide

Food Guide

Learn more about organics, how they are processed, and the regulations in Vermont.

Organic Guide

Composting 101

Check out the State of Vermont’s guide to composting.

The Dirt on Composting

Bears & Compost

Want to try composting, but are concerned about bears and other animals?

Tips for Bears


There are lots of commercial options for compost containers. Or, you can make one yourself!

Composter Plans

Food Cycler

Not able to compost? Try the FoodCycler, an automated countertop kitchen composter that dries and grinds your food waste in hours.

Food Cyclers

Community Resources

Looking for more community support for your composting journey?

Community Composters

No Scraps in the Drain

Make sure you know which food scraps can be composted and which should never go down your drain.

Keep Food Scrap Out of the Drain

Composting Ingredients

Compost is simple to make, requiring just two things: a container of some sort to hold the ingredients and the compost ingredients themselves.

Compost Site Resources

Site Identification & Design

Complete guide

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Sizing Your Compost Pad

Complete guide

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Compost Bin Design

Complete guide

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Management Guide

Complete guide

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Planning Checklist

Complete guide

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Compost Recipes

Complete guide

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Weed Seed Germination

Complete guide

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Worm Composting

Complete guide

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