Vermont law bans certain electronic devices from disposal in landfills and provides for FREE and convenient collection of these items (computers, laptops,   monitors, printers, computer peripherals, and televisions (TVs) from covered entities. Covered entities include consumers, charities, school districts, and small businesses that employ 10 or fewer individuals. Other individuals who bring in seven (7) or fewer devices can also recycle at no charge. All other banned electronic devices other than those mentioned above are also accepted at these locations; however, there may be a fee to dispose of those items. These items include personal electronics (such as personal digital assistants and personal music players (MP3), all telephones including cell phones, answering and fax machines, videocassette records (VCRs), digital versatile disc (DVD) players, digital converter boxes, stereos and stereo equipment, power supply cords (used to charge electronic devices), mouse, keyboards, and electronic game consoles.

All SWAC transfer stations accept electronic waste.

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