Town Office

Deb Hawkins, Town Clerk

Transfer Station

Pawlet residents can utilize recycling and trash and disposal services at the Granville, New York Recycling/Transfer Station

Pawlet Solid Waste Ordinance


Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Closed Holidays)


Granville, New York Recycling/Transfer Station

Route 22, 1/2 mile south of Route 149 intersection (8536 NY 22)

Local Hauler Option

Pawlet residents also have an option of hiring a local hauler for trash and recycling pickup services. Check out the State of Vermont hauler contact page to find hauler near you.

Granville, New York Transfer Station Information

The following materials are accepted. Please sort them into the proper containers.

Cash or Credit Card accepted.  $5 Credit Card Minimum.

Garbage or Household Refuse

0-15 lb. bag – $2.25

16-30 lb. bag – $4.50

31-45 lb. bag – $6.75

46+ lb. bag – $9.00

Certified Weight – $10.00

No Recyclables, Industrial or Hazardous Waste, flammable liquids, infection waste, liquid paint or stain, or loose needles.


9-5 Gallon Bag – $2.25

15+ Gallon Bag – $4.50

Commercial Amount – $.10 lb.

#1 PET


Tin Cans

Aluminum Cans





Car Batteries and Scrap Metal

Vehicle batteries and scrap metal are accepted for FREE.


$1.00 per lb.

Items Not Accepted

Liquids of any kind

Aerosol cans

Petroleum Storage Tanks

Propane Tanks

Mercury Switches (hypodermic needles, syringes, and lancets should be sealed in a plastic bottle before disposing in garbage)

Light Bulbs

Animal Carcasses


Medical Waste

Household Batteries

Fluorescent Bulbs

Lawn Clippings, Brush, and Leaves

Fee Schedule

Item Fee
Freon Items $20.00
Commercial Refrigerator $75.00
Commercial AC Unit $75.00
Toilet $6.00
Vacuum Cleaner $4.50
Porcelain Sink $6.00
Fiberglass Tub $15.00
Sectional Sofa $30.00
Couch $20.00
Love Seat or Recliner $15.00
Chair $10.00
Mattress $20.00
Box Spring $20.00
Tires Fee
16″ diameter or less (without rim) $5.00
17-36″ diameter  (without rim) $8.00
37-52″ diameter  (without rim) $20.00
Over 52″ diameter $50.00
Rubber Tracks $50.00