Universal Recycling Law Working

Thanks to you and your efforts, Vermont’s Universal Recycling law is working. Trash disposal decreased by 5% statewide and the recycling and composting rate rose 2% this past year.
Please note that Landfill bans on Baseline Recyclables, Leaf & Yard Debris and Clean Wood are all in effect.
· Baseline recyclables include:
o Aluminum and steel cans
o Aluminum foil and aluminum pie pans
o Glass bottles and jars from food and beverages
o Plastic containers, bottles and jugs #1 (PET) & #2 (HDPE)
o Corrugated cardboard and Box board
o White and mixed paper, newspaper, magazines, paper mail, envelopes, paper bags
· Transfer Stations must offer collection for baseline recyclables and leaf and yard debris separate from trash.
· Transfer stations may choose to offer collection for clean wood (unpainted, untreated wood)along with leaf & yard debris and could consider the following options: recycling the clean wood by sending it a C&D recycling facility, chipping for composting feedstock, mulch, or biomass heat or passive composting. Please see the Leaf, Yard and Clean Wood Guide attached here for more detail.
· Clean wood must not be mixed with trash and must not be disposed of in a landfill or incinerator.
· Transfer stations must offer collection of food scraps beginning July 1, 2017 separate from trash.