H.67 Passed in Vermont – What Does This Mean?
Household Hazardous Waste just became the most recent set of products to be covered under Vermont’s Extended Producer Responsibility programs!
Vermont’s Extended Producer Responsibility programs make the manufacturer responsible for managing the life cycle of products that they sell in Vermont, including funding the recycling/disposal of these products.
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) are household products that can be harmful to humans and the environment when not disposed of properly. These include: chemical cleaners, automotive fluids, pesticides, fuels, aerosols, paint thinners and solvents, and adhesives. For more information,  and a schedule of household hazardous waste events visit our website.
Bill H.67 was introduced to the Vermont House of Representatives in January and was signed into law by Governor Scott on June 12th. The law will begin to take effect in 2025.
Municipalities in Vermont have been required to collect HHW for over 30 years, but the rising costs of HHW Collection Events have historically put the financial burden of disposal on municipalities and their residents, sometimes disincentivizing proper disposal and leading residents and businesses to illegally dump hazardous waste or toss it into the trash. The passing of H.67 will ease this burden, making disposing of hazardous waste easier and more cost-effective for residents. SWAC is looking forward to the future of hazardous waste collection in Vermont and a safer, healthier environment!
Stay tuned for future updates on this bill!