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25 Foods You Can Re-Grow From Kitchen Scraps! Food is expensive. If you do the grocery shopping for your household, you know that this is one of the high11. Onions - 25 Foods You Can Re-Grow Yourself from Kitchen Scrapsest costs related to your home and family. While it may be unlikely that you can completely eliminate your grocery bill, you can grow certain foods yourself. And, you can grow them from scraps that you would normally throw away.



HDIY Pallet Gardenow to Build a DYI Garden with Pallets for $30.

It could grow about 12 heads of lettuce and 12 bunches of spinach or a variety of other vegetables. With food quality being such a major concern right now, why not grow your own and become more self sustainable?



Planting GardenWhen Should I Plant
















pile of leavesComposting Leaves in the Garden – Learn the Benefits of Leaf Compost

Composting leaves is a terrific way to recycle and create a nutrient rich garden soil amendment at the same time. The benefits of leaf compost are numerous. The compost increases the porosity of the soil, raises the fertility, diminishes the strain on landfills and creates a living “blanket” over your plants. Learning how to compost leaves just requires a little knowledge of the balance of nitrogen and carbon. The correct balance will ensure fast composting of leaves for spring time black gold.

Read this article by Bonnie Grant and more at Gardening Know How: Composting Leaves In Garden: Learn The Benefits of Leaf Compost


Did you know that 623 gallons of water can be harvested from 1 inch of rain on a 1,000-square-foot roof? As far as rain barrels are concerned, a typical 1/2-inch rainfall will fill a 50- to 55-gallon barrel.  Read about do’s and dont’s for making your rain barrel here.